We are delighted to announce that finance.vote will be the DAO infrastructure partners for the Stoner Cats Community!

As NFTs surge in popularity globally, the most sustainable projects will be those that nourish a strong community and empower their owners with governance and real opportunities to participate in the future of the series.

The merger of two of the most important features of the new crypto economy NFTs and DAOs will ensure that not only will people be able to own cool art, but become part of a movement that has the potential to disrupt how content consumers interact with…

We’re incredibly excited to announce that on Tuesday, 7th September, we’ll be holding our first event of the program launching two liquidity pools on our yield.vote dApp.

Named “Xenia”, this program will see 90 million $FVT tokens made available to be farmed along with a slew of rewards and incentives provided by our partner iTrust.finance.

Our proprietary harberger tax pool, “FVT Resident Pool” will have a max pool size of around $850,000 in SushiSwap LP tokens (SLP), which users will be able to acquire by adding liquidity to the FVT/ETH trading pair on SushiSwap.

The pool is never full! New…


The next evolution of our market discovery suite of dApps is launching!

All FVT citizens are invited to contribute to a decentralised due diligence exercise using influence.vote, our snapshot voting app.

The “What Token Next?!!” Vote is a collective intelligence system. It produces a consensus sorted list of the best tokens in the space.

As with all finance.vote votes, every participant will be eligible for the rolling $FVT vote mining airdrop, with the best analysis receiving bigger prizes.


The cryptospace is awash with shitcoins. Literally hundreds of thousands of them. …

finance.vote: Q2 Review


There’s never a dull day in crypto and this last quarter has been a tumultuous one across the whole cryptospace. For now at least, the bull run is on pause and we’re in a period of consolidation in the markets.

This phase of the market is going to flush out a lot of the dead weight and in this update I want to provide some assurances that we’re well positioned to both withstand the tough market conditions but also thrive in an environment where the going gets tough.

Market up, or market down we’re going to…

We’re absolutely thrilled that iTrust.finance, the risk-managed staking protocol within DeFi insurance, have launched their Blue Lagoon Partner Pool - making them our first strategic partner to integrate the yield.vote dApp.

The BLPP is a single-sided $ITG-only staking pool, which contains a number of benefits:

  • No impermanent loss, due to the pool being $ITG only
  • 50% Starting APY (Actual yield 24.931% after 6 months)
  • Bonus share of 500,000 $FVT distributed among stakers

The pool closes on 24/12/2021 — so if you leave your tokens in the pool for the full 6 months, you will realise a yield of 24.931%. …

finance.vote announces strategic partnership and dApp integration with innovative DeFi insurance yield aggregator iTrust.finance

We’re delighted to announce our strategic partnership with iTrust.finance - the friction reducing, yield enhancing, capital allocation provider within DeFi insurance.

Through this collaborative partnership iTrust.finance will integrate our suite of dApps to fast-track their path to decentralisation, and to receive the toolbox required to establish a decentralised consensus layer for their DAO governance.

Commenting on the partnership, finance.vote’s founder and protocol leader, Dr. Nick Almond stated, “We couldn’t be happier to be working with a project as committed to innovation, disruption and, most importantly, furthering the agenda of decentralisation as iTrust.finance. Their DAO’s three primary focuses of efficiency, increased…

We are excited to announce that finance.vote has integrated Chainlink Keepers live on the Ethereum mainnet. This integration supports our previously announced integration of Chainlink Price Feeds by creating a fully automated and decentralised process for settling financial prediction markets on the markets.vote dApp.

Each markets.vote prediction market starts at midnight UTC and ends exactly one week later at the same time. Right when one ends, a new one begins. These prediction markets allow users to stake tokens and then vote on which coin out of a curated list of ten will grow the most in terms of price percentage…

Several weeks ago finance.vote made their first venture into the world of the multi-chain blockchain — our first destination was the Binance Smart Chain.

It worked fantastically for about 2 weeks and then things started to go wrong.

This article is an update for our users who are waiting for functionality for our BSC Vote Markets.

What are Vote Markets?

A Vote Market is a prediction market that works on quadratic voting. Rather than a standard over-under style prediction market system, our vote markets allow users to spend a budget of voice credits that are assigned to their Decentralised Identity Tokens.

This allows users…

Closing the gap between fans and stars with DeFi innovation


finance.vote is delighted to announce its first major partnership with the groundbreaking new fan engagement platform Olyseum.

Olyseum is the blockchain-powered social ecosystem that strengthens the connection between fans and stars through Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). This partnership announcement comes as Olyseum prepares for the upcoming launch of its highly anticipated star-led NFT platform, set to be introduced in the coming weeks.

finance.vote will work alongside the Olyseum team as their official DeFi and Governance infrastructure partner, supporting them in building their decentralised exchange market, price discovery mechanisms, and influence based fan democracy.


The upcoming launch of Olyseum’s innovative new NFT…


Resident Pool is a new kind of liquidity mining.

As a user you will gain access to network emission by holding a protocol property.

Protocol property is a slot in a smart contract that provides you access to the liquidity incentive token inventory of the finance.vote protocol.

Resident Pool uses ‘Harberger Taxes’ to broker ownership of these slots in an on-going manner.

What are Harberger Taxes?

Harberger Taxes are a proposed economic paradigm for improving the allocation efficiency of land by allowing a purchaser to be able to buy any property they like, at any time.

The idea, proposed by Glen Weyl and Eric…

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