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Image for post is delighted to announce that Halborn has successfully completed a security audit of the smart contract, finding zero contract vulnerabilities, which will open the door for a swift release of the network’s liquidity mining programme.

Halborn is one of the most respected and up and coming cybersecurity firms in the cryptospace, who work across the whole cybersecurity stack, alongside their smart contract auditing function. They have an impressive track record working with the likes of Bancor, Coinbase, Stellar and Ava Labs.

Unlike many firms in the space, Halborn provides extremely detailed analysis of smart contracts, working closely…

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We are thrilled to announce that has integrated Chainlink as our go-to oracle solution for our prediction market dApp, is a quadratic voting-based prediction market that requires reliable and accurate price feeds at exactly midnight each week for at least ten different tokens to determine the weekly prediction market winners. The integration of Chainlink oracles marks a major upgrade to our prediction market, which will allow us to settle prices confidently with high fidelity.

Further to that, Chainlink will be integrated into’s second layer governance tools, which means that FVT token holders can add new tokens…

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Here at, we build unstoppable applications. That is, we use blockchain and other Web3 technologies to build applications that can live autonomously on the internet in a decentralised fashion. In this post we make the case for why more unstoppable applications are needed in the context of rising censorship and centralised intervention of the public discourse, especially in financial systems.

A new age of censorship

In recent months we’ve seen a new wave of censorship hitting the legacy web. There is real evidence that censorship is growing in scale and scope and it is most certainly something we should be increasingly vigilant of.


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Yield is a dApp that utilises radical cryptoeconomics to build a competitive yield environment, whereby liquidity providers hold “property” in the protocol and earn a “resident income”. LPs pay a Harberger Tax by burning a small fraction to their LP tokens and new users can obtain a staking slot by paying a higher tax than a current occupier.


The DeFi space underwent rapid expansion in 2020 due to the introduction of a number of new decentralised financial primitives. One of the most important was liquidity mining.

Liquidity mining is the process of providing liquidity for a decentralised market and obtaining…

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Introduction is the consensus layer for DeFi. We are building voting technologies that allow humans to plug into financial ecosystems. We specialise in price discovery, social coordination and governance design.

The Chambers are the start of our governance structures that we will build into an on-chain network of miniDAOs, that will be token specific, blockchain agnostic and powered by token weighted voting.

The Chambers are a place for collaborative research and development of the network. The Chambers will include media and analytical functions for promoting the network and understanding the cryptospace as a whole.

Users will have access to…

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Status Update

  • The successful auction of the $FVT token took place on the 18th November 2020.
  • 850 ETH was collected and paired with 19.6m $FVT to discover a listing price of $0.02, completely non-custodially. Forming the liquidity floor for the token.
  • The first alpha version of the vote markets have concluded. Users successfully predicted the $YFI token as the winner and 53 votes will share the 100,000 $FVT rewards pool.
  • This completes the launch phase of the network, which has two functioning products and the vote markets.
  • Following network genesis, we now open up the Obelisk phase…

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This week, signalled a clear partnership with, a Polkadot based insurance marketplace platform that is designed to expand the insurance coverage of DeFi smart contracts and bring greater assurances to DeFi investors across the space.

This is very important work.

For DeFi, the security of smart contracts is paramount, and yet one of the most difficult things to provide solid assurances on. …

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On November 18th, approx midday UTC, the $FVT auction will go live on, part of the ecosystem.

Auction Link –

The Liquidity Generation Event takes place on a decentralised price discovery mechanism, purpose built for bootstrapping markets for digital assets. 20m tokens are available in the distribution event. Tokens will be sold in lots of increasing price and supply, until all the tokens are sold and a listing price is discovered.

Token: $FVT

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Initial Circulating Supply: Approx 6.5% (65m $FVT)

Auction Structure (if instantly sold out):

500k $FVT @ $0.01

1m $FVT @ $0.02

2m $FVT @ $0.04

4m $FVT @ $0.08

8m $FVT @ $0.16

4.5m $FVT @ $0.32


The network leads with an ethos of maximal decentralisation. That is, we aim to disintermediate key network functionality throughout a phased deployment of the network, retaining control only where it is absolutely necessary.

The network will be a permissionless system, creating an inclusive space where ideas can be negotiated and digital asset price discovery can take place through decentralised voting techniques.

The network is deployed in a three phase path towards decentralisation.

Obelisk (From network genesis)

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Obelisk: The Dawn of Decentralization

This is the launch phase of the network during which a number of key components of the system are introduced to the users, including …

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We reached a huge milestone with the launch of our vote markets and we’re grateful to our community for their immense love and support.

Our community has been very supportive throughout, from creating memes to providing user feedback. We believe they’ve played an instrumental role in helping us grow.

As a token of our gratitude, we’re here with an incredible opportunity for all the fanatics — we’re launching a ambassadors program exclusively for you.

As a ambassador, you’ll work closely with our team and represent in your local community. We’re looking for a group of volunteers…

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