How to take part in our incentivised test auction

EDIT: Our Incentivised Test Auction is over! We collected over 2.5k rETH and demonstrated some true price discovery. Follow our Telegram to find out more about how this played out and follow us for details into the run up to our TGE next week.

The TGE for the token $FVT is due to take place next Wednesday midday, 18th November 2020.

The Incentivised Test Auction

In advance of our TGE we will be testing out the mechanism in the wild.

Get Some Ropsten ETH

Ropsten is an Ethereum test network. There are a number of test networks on Ethereum. They allow projects to test their smart contracts, without risking mainnet assets and allowing users to take part without incurring any gas fees.

  1. Switch your metamask to the Ropsten Testnet.

Accumulate Ropsten ETH

Ropsten ETH is free, but you have to obtain it from faucets. There was a time when real Bitcoin was given away for free from “faucets”, which are like crypto taps, dripping free assets to users.

Take Part in the Auction

In our mainnet auction users will be taking part with real ETH in exchange for real $FVT.

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