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4 min readNov 9, 2020

The vote markets are live. This post details the step by step process of casting your quadratic votes on-chain, and making market predictions that have the potential to earn you a share of the $FVT reward pool.

Step 1

Head to our ENS domain Our app uses serverless architecture and is hosed on IPFS. It might take a while to load, be patient.

Read the “How to Play” section.

Hit “Start Voting”

At this point we’re presuming you have an $FVT Decentralised Identity Token. Post-TGE these will be available permissionlessly, buy purchasing and burning $FVT. For now, head over to our Telegram group to find out how to get one sent to you.

Step 2

Make sure you have metamask installed. Other Web3.0 browsers and web wallets may work, but we haven’t had chance to effectively test them yet.

Step 3

If your metamask hasn’t automatically connected to our application.

Hit “Connect Wallet”

Step 4

Metamask will pop up and you will need to approve the application to connect with your wallet.

Select which account you would like to connect with the application.

Make sure to select the account which is holding your Decentralised Identity Token.

Hit “Connect”.

Step 5

Get familiar with the voting screen.

$V Balance is the amount of vote power you have to spend on your identity.

Time Left and End Date, let you know how long you have left to vote in the voting window.

Reward Pool, let’s you know how much $FVT will be shared across the identities which have voted in this tournament round.

Payout Date, is the date that you will be able to claim your winnings and when token performance is settled from an on-chain oracle.

Step 6

Select your unique Decentralised Identity.

DIT’s are numbered in order of issuance. You may own one, or many. Each of these will contain the your voting history and your vote power ($V) balance.

Pick which one you would like to vote with.

Step 7

Research the tokens in the token lists and make informed judgements on the future potential of their market value.

Start allocating your vote power ($V).

You spend them by voting on the tokens in the token list.

By changing the values in the $Vote boxes, you spend vote power. $V is spent with the square of your votes i.e:

$Votes = $V²

For example, 5 Votes = 5 x 5 = 5² = 25 $V

Step 8

Rebalance your $V balance if you overspend.

You will not be able to submit your vote in this state.

A zero $V balance is optimal, but not necessary.

Step 9

Once you’re happy with your choices.

Hit “VOTE”

Step 10

Metamask will open automatically and present you with the option to confirm your transaction.

Gas fees are part of the game. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Feel free to experiment with gas fees. If you are in good time for a tournament close, it may be possible to lower fees below the default.

The more items you pick in the list, the higher the gas fees are.

Step 11

Rejoice in the splendour of decentralised quadratic voting as your transaction is mined and committed to the blockchain for eternity.

Wait patiently for the markets to do their thing and keep an eye out for market close to see if your choices are correct.

If you are, you will be able to withdraw your $FVT from the contract and claim your new voting power when you return.

Our vote markets are in alpha, no tokens are at stake other than your gas fees. Provide us with feedback in our Telegram group if you get stuck. We can’t guarantee it will work on every browser and mobile voting is not yet catered for.


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