launch a metaDAO and Shibaku NFT

DAO infrastructure platform,, have launched their first incubated DAO, tribesDAO.

tribesDAO is a metaDAO, which is a DAO with smaller DAOs contained within it, operating under a larger governance structure. Each of the ‘miniDAOs’ inside tribesDAO represent ‘tribes’ from across the cryptospace.

The first of which, ‘Shibaku’, launching this weekend, represents the dog coiner tribe.

Shibaku is a first of its kind NFT that mixes 3D art, token utility and a user-directed metaverse gaming experience.

Holders of a Shibaku will not only get access to the world’s first generative 3D video NFT, but they will also get access to an NFT DAO where holders will be able to direct the Shibaku economy and metaverse game design.

Shibaku is the first tribe of tribesDAO, the world’s first metaDAO.


Shibaku is designed by world leading artists and engineers who specialise in 3D design and gamification.

Each Shibaku has the following traits:

Haiku: An AI generated dog themed haiku that is unique to every Shibaku with one million possible combinations.

Lucky Coins: Every Shibaku comes with 6 coins, with billions of possible combinations. They are generated from a draw as the tokens are rendered. The lucky coins will follow you in the game world and influence your probability of winning.

Power, Speed, Volume, Temperature: These are your Shibaku’s physical attributes. They will influence your activity in the game and will be useful in some scenarios and less so in others.

Cartridge: Your Shibaku is a metaverse key — it provides you access to digital worlds. There are 9 cartridge types from coloured plastic to silver.

Costume: Your Shibaku may come as a common Shibaku, or with a variety of costumes, from a selection of accessories (glasses, moustache, pipes), through to costumes that symbolize your place in Shibaku society (Wizard, Queen, King, Werewolf and more).

Shibaku Society

The Shibaku NFT is built with probabilistic rarity, with the rarer NFTs representing higher status Shibakus including kings, queens and wizards.’s unique minting technology suite ensures that the metadata is hidden prior to mint and ensures that super rare traits, like the much coveted gold Shibaku, can’t be sniped by people on mint.

A Play to Earn Experience

Soon after the launch Shibaku will be usable in a 3D metaverse experience that will have its own crypto economy. A sneak peak preview is viewable here.

Shibaku’s are the passport into a game world, a 3D experience with a number of mini games that have the potential to earn users a native-cryptocurrency.

Shibaku traits will be used in each of these games and all of the game mechanics will be controllable by the DAO.


Utilising the social consensus system, Shibaku holders will gain access to an NFT DAO.

Every Shibaku NFT will gain one hundred voting credits (influence points) that they will be able to spend on influencing the future direction of the project.

The Shibaku NFT DAO will showcase NFT voting IDs to the world.

The tribesDAO metaDAO

A metaDAO, is a DAO with DAOs in it. Shibaku is one of these DAOs.

TribesDAO will become a home for all of the major ‘tribes’ in the cryptospace where each NFT captures the spirit of that specific tribe. In the case of Shibaku, that’s the dog coiners.

It’s time to unite the tribes

A goal of tribesDAO is to encourage the often warring tribes in crypto to build bridges and reach consensus through voting.

In order to promote collaboration, 7% of all of the secondary market sales of Shibaku and future tribal NFTs will be captured by the tribesDAO treasury.

This treasury will act as a shaded public goods fund for the cryptospace, which the tribes have full control over and they will be able to spend it on whatever they want, anything from metaverse infrastructure to giant parties.

The Mint

Shibaku will be the first use of, the latest dApp in the DAO suite.

This new minting platform is designed for NFT DAO fair launches and uses a dynamic whitelisting system that ensures that tokens are evenly distributed amongst as many people as possible.

The main mint will be available with an eligibility of 1 Shibaku per address during the main mint at a price of 0.1 ETH.

All dog coin holders of the following tokens will be eligible for a 50% discount at mint or 0.05 ETH.

The pre-sale will commence at 12pm midday UTC Saturday 11th December and the window will be open for 10 hours, closing at 10pm UTC.

The main mint will open at 12pm UTC Sunday 12th December and will remain open for a maximum of 7 days, where it will close and discounted access to the mint price will end.

The Dog Money

tribesDAO will showcase the DAO tooling suite, enabling Shibaku holders to set up and control a token economy, which will be used in the metaverse.

In the first week of the mint the first DAO votes will go live, which will determine the monetary policy of a new dog money. Users will decide the token name and supply and will control the future emission of the token to the Shibakus as they play the metaverse game.

This launch represents the creation of a new kind of DAO design, with the first job of providing the home for the dog coiners and even creating the first meme coin with a DAO controlled monetary policy.

Join the Tribe







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