Liquidity Generation Event


On November 18th, approx midday UTC, the $FVT auction will go live on, part of the ecosystem.

Auction Link –

The Liquidity Generation Event takes place on a decentralised price discovery mechanism, purpose built for bootstrapping markets for digital assets. 20m tokens are available in the distribution event. Tokens will be sold in lots of increasing price and supply, until all the tokens are sold and a listing price is discovered.

Token: $FVT

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Initial Circulating Supply: Approx 6.5% (65m $FVT)

Auction Structure (if instantly sold out):

500k $FVT @ $0.01

1m $FVT @ $0.02

2m $FVT @ $0.04

4m $FVT @ $0.08

8m $FVT @ $0.16

4.5m $FVT @ $0.32

The price decays every block that a lot remains unsold. The result is a rapidly increasing and decreasing price discovery system. Tokens are listed at the average sale price throughout the auction. All Ether raised will be sent to Uniswap as liquidity.

The TGE will launch on a specific block time announced in the telegram channel:

To participate click here –

If you are from a territory that prohibits the purchase, trading, or holding of crypto assets, then you will be blocked from accessing the application.

$FVT is POWER! is a governance platform that introduces decentralised voting technology to DeFi. It is a voting based prediction market platform, where users are paid by the network for their research and accurate predictions. Later, it becomes a DAO network, where $FVT can be used to build influence and power.


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