Resident Pool Launch Sequence


Resident Pool is a new kind of liquidity mining.

What are Harberger Taxes?

Harberger Taxes are a proposed economic paradigm for improving the allocation efficiency of land by allowing a purchaser to be able to buy any property they like, at any time.

  • Burn Rate — The amount of LP tokens they are willing to pay in taxes.
  • Later, Bob sees that Lot 8, is the lowest valued of the other 50 Lots in the Resident Pool. He Occupies Alice’s Lot, by staking 150 LP tokens and declaring a 1 LP burn rate.
  • This values Bob’s slot in the middle of the pack, meaning that there are several other Lots at a lower price than his and therefore ‘protecting’ it from occupancy.

How many tokens do I get?

Tokens are emitted in what we call “pulsed liquidity mining”. Each pulse is a set amount of tokens, that will be determined by governance vote. Tokens are emitted with a quadratic drop off throughout the period of the pulse, meaning that there is a higher amount of tokens at the beginning of the pulse than there is at the end. Where you enter and exit the pulse determines how many tokens you get.

  • Alice holds a slot from the first block of this pulse to the last and therefore obtains 40 thousand tokens (i.e. 2,000,000/50 = 40,000).
  • Bob occupies a slot towards the end of the pulse, and is quoted an Average Pulse Expected Percentage Yield (APE PY) of 8,300 tokens and holds through to the next cycle, where he occupies a slot for the entire pulse in the next round, returning 48,300 tokens.
Lot 7 has been held for a longer period of time than lot 4

The Launch Sequence

The Incentivised Test

  • The number of tokens emitted in a pulse.
  • The initial pulse height.
  • The pulse length

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