The Assembly #01

Status Update

  • The successful auction of the $FVT token took place on the 18th November 2020.
  • 850 ETH was collected and paired with 19.6m $FVT to discover a listing price of $0.02, completely non-custodially. Forming the liquidity floor for the token.
  • The first alpha version of the vote markets have concluded. Users successfully predicted the $YFI token as the winner and 53 votes will share the 100,000 $FVT rewards pool.
  • This completes the launch phase of the network, which has two functioning products and the vote markets.
  • Following network genesis, we now open up the Obelisk phase of the network.

Liquidity Mining

  • Liquidity mining is the process of routing part of a network emission to liquidity providers (LPs) for providing market depth.
  • The liquidity mining offering will launch a contract that utilises a range of new token economic primitives, including pulsed liquidity mining and token gated liquidity pool formation.
  • With this project we aim to bring coherent token governance to liquidity pool formation, allowing token holders to govern the monetary policy of the pools.

Vote Markets

  • The vote markets are a quadratic voting based prediction market system. It is designed to allow users to reach consensus on which tokens in DeFi are most likely to perform in the market.
  • The front end will be upgraded to show previous and current consensus on future market predictions.
  • A user profile screen will be added to allow user withdrawal shares of the reward pool and upgrade their voting power.
  • Our “Winner” Token List is now open for crowd curation. Winning suggestions will share a pot of 50,000 $FVT.


  • will launch two video series, “The Assembly” and “The Exit Poll”.
  • The Assembly is a weekly update series. We will discuss live technological developments, the roadmap and community engagement strategies.
  • The Exit Poll, is a weekly review of the markets, using our vote market data to drive the conversation.
  • We will be engaging a range of mainstream news outlets to spread the word about the innovative technologies in the ecosystem.
  • Our media function will drive engagement to our vote markets, this will include New Tokens, and Pre-Release Tokens in the future.
  • A new .vote application will be launched in the near future that will revolutionise AMAs, utilising snapshot voting and $FVT token stakes.This will be a first utilisation of the .vote consensus mechanism for content curation.


  • We have partnered with TIDAL Finance, a balancer-like marketplace for DeFi insurance. We will be utilising our decentralised identity tokens to produce a decentralised peer review mechanism.
  • We have formed a Reef Finance to explore the formation of asset baskets using our vote market data as a rebalancing mechanism.

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