want to work for a DAO?


In our opinion it’s probably wise to get familiar with the Cryptospace and start gaining some experience in it. That includes understanding how blockchain technology works, how DAOs function, how cryptocurrencies and NFTs work etc.

This is the way the world will work in the future and now is the time to start getting experience in working in crypto.

It’s still mega early, despite the high prices of the major cryptocurrencies recently. We’re only just getting started on building the infrastructure that will coordinate people as they work in digital and decentralised organisations.

That’s where will come in.

We’re building the “dApp suite” for the world of work in our decentralised future. Think, the Office365, Google app ecosystem for DAOs.

Instead of a working on a spreadsheet, you’ll be reaching consensus on the price of an asset. Instead of filling out a form, you’ll be curating decentralised content. Instead of writing documents you’ll be reaching consensus in what proposals to fund from a DAO treasury.

In the near future will launch the Embassy a miniDAO treasury that will help coordinate decentralised work for the wider network.

This post is an insight into how that will work, what kind of work we want doing and what you’ll get out of it.

What is a DAO?

It stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, but honestly there’s nothing much autonomous about them just yet. Mostly, when people say “DAO” at the moment, they mean a smart contract with some money in, that people collectively decide how to spend. But they can be so much more.

Organisations are one of the building blocks of civilisation. We work in them, learn in them, build in them, create in them and over the next decade or more, they will begin to become progressively decentralised, seeking to plug into the internet and tap into a massive global workforce that doesn’t want to sit in an office block. They will have digital assets and be more democratic and open than your typical organisation.

Things are about to change, a lot.

Who can work for a DAO?


Unlike your typical organisation they are permissionless, which means anyone can join. We don’t care where you are, or who you are, if you can help we want it.

Well that’s the idea anyway, many of the DAOs you’ll find in the Cryptospace are quite difficult to get in to, or at least cost a lot of money to do so.

There’s a reason for that, it’s difficult to coordinate work without it all turning into mob rule. Unless you have good consensus technology.

You need the dApp suite.

What kind of work needs doing?

At the moment our main mission is to increase the network effect (spread the word) of the ecosystem. We have a prediction market application ( that is designed to help us curate the Cryptospace, a decentralised auction system ( and a decentralised content curation dApp (influence,vote) that will help us reach decisions as a group.

We have a load more apps we want to build. Check the roadmap out on the website. We want an army to help us build this and all will be rewarded in our native token FVT to do so.

So for now, we need:

  • Meme creators
  • Writers
  • Vloggers
  • Bloggers
  • Educators
  • Market Analysts
  • Content creators
  • Artists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Community managers
  • Translators
  • Discord Degens
  • Tweet Stormers
  • Designers
  • Ape whisperers
  • Cult leaders
  • Meme gurus

How do I get involved?

In our view every FVT holder is a member of the organisation, since they will have power to the direction of the network. Some people will just want to sit on their tokens and see what happens and that’s cool, but if you want to get your hands dirty:

  • Join our Telegram group and fill out this form and let us know what you can do and how you’d like to get involved.

One of our community leaders will get back to you and let you know what to do next.

What’s in it for me?

You get paid – We’re funding the embassy with $100,000 in $FVT (to be bought out of the market) which you can, hold, sell and use in our ecosystem.

You get to be part of something – Our goal is to build a fun inclusive community that get’s a . It will be what you make of it, you’ll help define our values, principles, direction of travel, shape our roadmap. You’ll have real power in the organisation.

You’ll gain crypto experience – All good organisations develop their people. We’ll commit significant resources to helping you understand the Cryptospace and improve your knowledge of blockchain technology and the industry generally. We’ll be inviting key stakeholders from across crypto to build your crypto skills, everything from memeology to token economics.

About is a decentralised organisation that creates governance dApps for DAOs. They specialise in quadratic voting technology and price discovery, with a prediction market, a decentralised auction house and a suite of gassless multi-chain voting tools designed to upgrade governance across the DeFi space.

The dApp suite is the decision making tool kit for the future of decentralised finance. It is governed by FVT holders, who control our roadmap, monetary policy and the funding of the platform.

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The consensus layer for #DeFi. Building the dApp suite for the decentralised future.