X partnership announces strategic partnership and dApp integration with innovative DeFi insurance yield aggregator

We’re delighted to announce our strategic partnership with - the friction reducing, yield enhancing, capital allocation provider within DeFi insurance.

Through this collaborative partnership will integrate our suite of dApps to fast-track their path to decentralisation, and to receive the toolbox required to establish a decentralised consensus layer for their DAO governance.

Commenting on the partnership,’s founder and protocol leader, Dr. Nick Almond stated, “We couldn’t be happier to be working with a project as committed to innovation, disruption and, most importantly, furthering the agenda of decentralisation as Their DAO’s three primary focuses of efficiency, increased returns, and simplicity will provide much welcomed solutions and improvements to the burgeoning DeFi insurance sector. We’re very much looking forward to working with their team in the long term to improve the landscape of the decentralised insurance space.”’s audited smart contract technology has already provided the DAO with a number of key functions. These include the framework and architecture which will allow the users of the DAO to operate within a productive, creative, and effective ecosystem.

Specific products and solutions will be providing include:

Commenting on the strategic partnership, CEO Peter stated, “This partnership with the leading player in the DAO governance space will allow the DAO to focus on its core principles: identifying risk-assessed staking strategies within the DeFi sector, for all the stakers of the iTrust DAO, and ultimately building a decentralised knowledge resource for the greater DeFi community. We’re very proud to be working with a project which has contributed so much to the DeFi governance space, and we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with our friends at”

About is the friction reducing, yield enhancing, capital allocation provider within DeFi insurance. allows users to stake into DeFi insurance protocols, and earn rewards whilst also building cover capacity for the underlying insurance protocol.

On launch, iTrust’s unique application will offer a host of yield-maximising staking options for Nexus Mutual ($NXM) holders and crucially, wrapped Nexus Mutual ($wNXM) token holders alike. With other insurance protocols to follow.

A community-driven DAO, will provide network rewards to its own staking participants in the form of our governance token $iTG.

iTrust will be launching on the 23rd June, to find out more about iTrust, head over to the official channels:



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About is a decentralised organisation that creates governance dApps for DAOs. They specialise in quadratic voting technology and price discovery, with a prediction market, a decentralised auction house and a suite of gassless multi-chain voting tools designed to upgrade governance across the DeFi space.

The dApp suite is the decision making tool kit for the future of decentralised finance. It is governed by FVT holders, who control our roadmap, monetary policy and the funding of the platform.

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