Stoner Cats x The dawn of the NFT DAO

We are delighted to announce that will be the DAO infrastructure partners for the Stoner Cats Community!

As NFTs surge in popularity globally, the most sustainable projects will be those that nourish a strong community and empower their owners with governance and real opportunities to participate in the future of the series.

The merger of two of the most important features of the new crypto economy NFTs and DAOs will ensure that not only will people be able to own cool art, but become part of a movement that has the potential to disrupt how content consumers interact with content creators.

“Blockchain is going to change so many power structures in our world by unleashing the power of decentralization. NFTs are one of they key components of that change, with their capacity for true ownership of digital assets, and so are DAOs with their capacity for truly democratic governance. Stoner Cats is pioneering on the former, and our DAO partnership with will help blaze the trail on the latter.” — Mack Flavelle, Big Head Club

Stoner Cats is not just an NFT project, but an exploration in decentralised entertainment. The characters depicted in the NFTs will flourish into exciting characters in an animated show featuring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and a range of Hollywood stars, including guest spots from crypto legend Vitalik Buterin.

But it doesn’t stop there, “Stoner DAO”, the DAOs working title, will be an experiment in decentralised governance and community content curation. will be providing the tools for the community to organise and discover the best ways they can influence both the project, the show, and future content that will be created.

Using’s quadratic voting based signalling tool,, Stoner DAO will begin to discover their priorities and focus their dialogue, building an identity and reputation within the emerging decentralised organisation.

An example of a DAO vote on

In addition, the DAO will collaborate closely with the Big Head Club and Stoner Cats community, forming a DAO alliance to build their DAO and tune our tools to meet their needs.

Together we will build the infrastructure for the NFT DAOs that will take the Cryptospace into mainstream culture. We will discover new ways to collaborate and build digital democracies that empower entirely new kinds of content curation.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with the Stoner Cats community to collaborate on building their DAO. This is a landmark moment for DAOs, which will become important features of the NFT space. A DAO alliance with the Stoner Cats community will showcase what can happen when NFTs and DAO governance are used in decentralised content creation.” — Dr. Nick,

Stay tuned for a forthcoming DAO Alliance Event, where communities will merge to share ideas, learn about governance and imagine the decentralised organisations of the future.


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