What Token Next?!


The next evolution of our market discovery suite of dApps is launching!

All FVT citizens are invited to contribute to a decentralised due diligence exercise using influence.vote, our snapshot voting app.

The “What Token Next?!!” Vote is a collective intelligence system. It produces a consensus sorted list of the best tokens in the space.

As with all finance.vote votes, every participant will be eligible for the rolling $FVT vote mining airdrop, with the best analysis receiving bigger prizes.


The cryptospace is awash with shitcoins. Literally hundreds of thousands of them. Most of these are automated rugs designed to ensnare crypto newbs and token flipping degens.

After that, there are the various other flavours of rugs from the classic rug pull, through to the big game slow rug, designed to bleed value out of the system slowly.

Then there’s simply bad projects, vapourware, pump and dumps. Projects that dance the fuzzy line between incompetence and cash grab. Learn more about how to recognise and separate the good, the bad and the ugly in our DYOR lesson.

Permissionlessness comes at a cost and the cryptospace needs a mechanism for discovering the gems in and amongst the shitcoin frenzy. The signal in the noise.

The Solution

“What Token Next?!!” is a special proposal structure within the influence.vote dApp that utilises the capabilities of quadratic voting and our special instance of it “semantic ballot voting,” to capture real dialogue and token preferences from the crowd. That’s you!

We will use NFT gated votes and real justifications gathered from the crowd to produce a market intelligence report.

The “What Token Next?!!” Vote is a collective intelligence system. It produces a consensus sorted list of the best tokens in the space, rewarding the best analysis with both $FVT and reputation in the system, which will carry through to power in the DAO.

How it Works

In the first rounds of “What Token Next?!!” you will be provided with a token list and and the ability to vote with your FVT ID on which tokens you think are the highest quality with the most change of long term success.

Each ID will have 100 $I (influence points, or voice credits) and you will have the opportunity to justify why you think each token is worthy of investment.

The vote will be open for one week.

Step 1. #DYOR. Watch our DYOR lesson here

Step 2. Vote on the tokens you think are the best. Allocate you $I using quadratic voting. Every subsequent vote after the first costs the square is the votes. e.g. 5 votes on $ETH will cost 25 $I leaving 75 $I for further votes. Watch the video guide here

Step 3. Justify your votes in the text boxes for each of the tokens.

Step 4. Submit your Vote! This will trigger your Metamask to sign a message committing your vote to the blockchain.

Step 5. The votes will be compiled into a report. Learn from your community and find consensus on which token is “next”.

All voters will be included into the vote mining reward and the MINISTRY OF TRUTH will award the the top three researchers with a share of $1000 in $FVT.

After the first rounds, we will open up the opportunity for $FVT holders to suggest any token to be added into the ballot. Making the due diligence process truly crowd sourced.

Summary: Turning Degens into Alpha

The future of the cryptospace is crowd curation as a self regulation mechanism. This will happen with the finance.vote ecosystem where DAO participants will generate high quality token lists generated by social consensus technology.

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