The next evolution of our market discovery suite of dApps is launching!


The cryptospace is awash with shitcoins. Literally hundreds of thousands of them. Most of these are automated rugs designed to ensnare crypto newbs and token flipping degens.

The Solution

“What Token Next?!!” is a special proposal structure within the dApp that utilises the capabilities of quadratic voting and our special instance of it “semantic ballot voting,” to capture real dialogue and token preferences from the crowd. That’s you!

How it Works

In the first rounds of “What Token Next?!!” you will be provided with a token list and and the ability to vote with your FVT ID on which tokens you think are the highest quality with the most change of long term success.

Summary: Turning Degens into Alpha

The future of the cryptospace is crowd curation as a self regulation mechanism. This will happen with the ecosystem where DAO participants will generate high quality token lists generated by social consensus technology.

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